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Hi there!

My name is Juliana Ratchford and I’m a visual and UX/UI designer from San Antonio, Texas. Being from a military family, I didn’t get a chance to grow much with the physical landscape around me, but I definitely grew with the digital one! My dad built my first PC when I was six and I’ve been enamored with the web ever since.

My favorite thing about design is rapidly brainstorming and putting the pieces together to create a solution which solves complex problems. I live for intuitive and memorable design and hope to be a part of creating a more interactive and interconnected world. I’m inspired by the bold and extraordinary, among other man-made marvels like antique architecture and virtual reality.

When Illustrator, Photoshop, Brackets, Figma, and XD aren’t all running consecutively on my computer, I’m playing fantasy RPG videogames (I'm currently obsessed with Dark Souls 3), writing short stories, learning 3D modelling, or digitally painting.

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